How To Guides

How to star test a telescope

Examine the quality of your telescope’s optics via a simple test to get clearer views of the night sky.

Written by Ian Morison.

How to build a telescope case

Construct an easy to make, practical case for any size of telescope.

Written by Mark Parrish.

How to build a wheeled tripod

With this ingenious portable base for your telescope, you can observe from anywhere in your garden and cut down on the time it takes to set up.

Written by Dr Peter Wilby.

Watch and record the varied and changing features of Jupiter’s atmosphere

Watch and record the varied and changing features of Jupiter’s atmosphere.

Written by Paul Abel.

How to remount a Schmidt-Cassegrain tube

Wondering what to do with a perfectly good 1990s LX200 scope with a dead drive? Re-mounting the optics on a German equatorial head can give it a new lease of life.

Written by Martin Mobberley

How to build a binocular mirror mount

Take the strain out of binocular astronomy with our guide to building a binocular mirror mount.

Written by Mark Parrish.

How to set up an altaz Go-To mount

Learn how to get your mount aligned and ready for the night ahead.

By Andrew Plethean.

How to set up an equatorial mount

You don’t need a gadget to polar align – just a bit of ingenuity.

Written by Ninian Boyle.

How to build a flat field box

Tired of all the blemishes on your deep-sky images, and a night sky that looks brighter in the middle than at the edges? The answer is to make a simple accessory.

Written by Martin Mobberly.

Skill level: advanced

How to sharpen your eyesight

Follow the simple advice outlined here and you’ll be seeing much more clearly in as little as six months.

Written by Ninian Boyle.

Skill level: beginner

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